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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ounaminthe visit

Today, Covsky and I met Dr. John Nelson, Canadien metabolic specialist and Medical Director at Univers Medical Center in Ounaminthe. Got my first look inside very impressive facility that was still busy at 5 PM today.  

The lab does several chemistry tests, including nbil (for neonatal jaundice), in addition to standard hematocrit centrifuges, manual cbc by microscope (QBC machine needs repair), antibody tests for malaria (and syphillis).  They have a functioning, nicely equipped x-ray suite and dental treatment room.  Very nicely stocked and organized pharmacy is pictured.

Dr. Nelson is pictured in their 24 hours Urgencie room.  While it was empty during my visit, the clinic was still busy after 5 PM.

We also saw the progress at the Medical Center at Danita's Children, also in Ounaminthe.  It was beautiful to see it.  Pictured is their modern looking pharmacy through smoky glass. They are seeking an x-ray machine for their dedicated x-ray room. They have a nice recreational therapy room for children with disabilities. 

Thanks to Karris for the impromptu tour and great display of Spanish and Kreyol!

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