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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hands Up for Haiti Nov. 2010 trip video link

Here is a link to the video of the November 2010 trip and the story of the formation of the new Network organization, Hands Up for Haiti. The video was shot and produced by Dr. Mary Ann Lofrumento

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HBHH Dental Mission team

??The founder of Help Bring Hope to Haiti, Patricia Eddy organized a dental mission trip on May 16-20 in St-Suzanne. The dental team have seen 400 people 100 per day, the doctors have seen lots of bad teeth, worse than they have ever seen before. The Dental team said that all of these people they have seen had never been to a dentist before. The Dentists had educated the people how to use the dental floss and most of the people have NEVER used or know about dental floss. When instruments are dirty or bloody you have to clean them so no blood get to a other person as it can make them sick. If somebody for example had HIV and there's blood on the instruments then you can give somebody else HIV because it was contaminated. That's one of the reasons they sterilize their equipment after each use: it takes about 15 mints.


Saturday, May 7, 2011

Escape to Haiti

Elisabeth and I just returned from Miami, where we dropped off another vehicle to Sante Shipping Lines for the Network Support Team to use in their coordination and distribution work. It is 2006 Ford Escape, ergo "Escape to Haiti" !! This vehicle has been, and is noted in surveys, to be very reliable, so knock on wood! It also will be the first environmentally friendly hybrid that I have seen in Haiti, so far anyway, getting 26.5 mpg!

The shipping process is pretty straight forward, thanks to the help of Gigi and Gerald (pictured) of Sante Shipping Lines and CASCO shipping agent Tony Marcelli (tonymarcelli10). It costs $950 for shipping a small SUV like this to Cap (or PAP if you prefer). Then, we have had the great help of Dr. Eugene to shephard the vehicle through customs and insurance, and this time, Gabie Vincent of Sonje Ayiti is assisting us as well.

Look out for a silent blue SUV, in electric mode on the busy daytime streets in Cap soon, we hope!