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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fort Bourgeois clinic

Fort bourgeois clinic is located in Cap-Haitien on road to Labadee. Elisabeth and I talked to Dr. Bien-Aime, Farah about the clinic.
The people of the community where asking for a clinic to be located there because they were in need of medical attention, they would have to take a boat to Labadee to be seen by a doctor or travel to Justinien for care. These doctors are from the area so the people of the commmunity knew who to come to for help.. A meeting was form to discuss with the community about needing there support on making this happen because the area is known for trouble making, everybody agreed to support.
The doctors got together and rent a building to do the clinic. The clinic open Monday-Friday from 8am-3pm , there are 2 doctors and 2 nurses. They see about 150 people per month, they charge 250gudes for consultation this includes medications. The clinic buy their own medications, MSPP gave them a letter to buy medications form Justinien for a low price. The staff also do mobil clinic to the outside area of Fort Bourgois which is still considered Fort Bourgois every month, a few days ago they went to place called Haut rahand that place is very poor and the people never medicale care before. The people received free health care and medications, the doctors keep a medical chart for the people to go back to their clinic for fellow ups. The clinic has 1 room consultation, 1 pharmacy room, 1 waiting room and 1 lab room thats not fully set yet they need help on getting equipments for the lab room. they do consultations,fellow up visits from Justinien and dressing.