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Friday, December 31, 2010

Delivery of supplies for Shada

We had our first delivery of supplies from AmeriCares today, using the German Help One helicopter service to bring it from Port-au-Prince.

To make the most of the helicopter, we coordinated this with three patient discharges from Haiti Hospital Appeal. The plan was to complete three runs between CAP and PAP but unfortunately there was a fault with the helicopter so the other trips had to be postponed.

Because of this fault we actually had to unload the helicopter of the supplies and put the spinal patients into it whilst the engine was still running and the propeller still going, which was slightly scary!

We hope to receive AmeriCares supplies for Cotelette and Jacquesyl in the early in the New Year. We will continue to work with German Help One helicopter service, brought to Haiti especially to help with transporting cholera supplies around the country.

Physical Rehabilitation Services in Cap Haitien

There is good news on the future of rehabilitation services offered in Cap Haitien.

The network team met with Anne-Vierge, the Haitian voluntary Physiotherapist working at Action Sanitaire yesterday to discuss their services. She has changed the structure of her caseload to allow for quicker discharges and therefore a greater capacity to see new patients. She is setting up a referral form and information sheet to promote the service.

Haiti Hospital Appeal in Quatier Morin is also officially opening up their rehab unit next week. They are starting with a series of patient assessment days and from there will run an inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation service.

Dr Moise, a Haitien rehab physician who has been providing ongoing input to the spinal patients since the earthquake will be attending two days a week. They have also employed a Haitien physio to work initially for three days a week, with the two therapy assistants already employed by the NGO.

As a physiotherapist I will be providing assistance with setting up the unit. I also hope to provide education and development sessions to the physiotherapists and assistants at both Haiti Hospital Appeal and Action Sanitaire.

We will post more information to our yahoo groups site as soon as we receive it.


Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Visit to the Cholera Treatment Centres in the town of Trou-du-Nord

Juline, myself and a spanish-speaker went to Trou-du-Nord to find out more about the cholera treatment in this area, having been unsuccessful in obtaining any information over the phone.

We first visited the Merlin CTU/C which opened up 2 days ago on the west side of Trou-du-Nord. This facility is run purely from tents, with a maximum capacity of 50 beds. They currently have 13 patients and have had no deaths. It appeared to be a very well-run, organised structure working to the cholera guidelines of plan a,b and c.

We then visited the Hospital in Trou-du-Nord run by the Cuban Corporation. We met with the lead doctor to find out more about their cholera services in Trou-du-Nord and around the North and North-East Departments.

Unfortunately we were not able to get much information from him. He explained that they have treated a total of 1662 cholera patients at that hospital. They currently however only have 2 patients.

The Cuban Corporation and Merlin are now in agreement that Merlin will be the main treatment centre in Trou-du-Nord from now on. They are working on promotion of the Merlin CTC so patients come straight to them. However the Cubans said that they will continue to fully treat those patients that come to them, rather than redirecting them.

He couldn't give us any information about any other Cuban run health facilities or cholera treatment centres, but did confirm there is a cuban ctc in Fort Liberte. He said he does not have access to email.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Update from OXFAM

I met with Humpfry from OXFAM on Friday who gave me the following update of their work:

Areas they are working in:
Bas Limbe
Cap Haitien:
Petit Anse
Fort Saint Michel
Nan Banan
Cite de Peupe
Cite Lescot
Bas Ravine

They are providing WASH education through these areas throughout the communities.

Provide chorination to the regional reservoirs (through SNEP and MSPP).
Provide chlorination to private reservoirs (ie visiting water tankers) at Fort Saint Michel and Shada Provide aquatabs to the companies manning hand pumps
Mann wells to provide chlorination to buckets taken from well.

SNEP is a governmental organisation that OXFAM has been working with, but apparently SNEP has discontinued. Therefore any areas not assisted by OXFAM should contact Ferm from DINEPA directly on 34634760 (French and Creole).

He also explained that their emergency contingency is to provide aquatabs to an area/ water source. After about 1 month they look to replacing this with chlorination as a more sustainable method.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Distribution of cholera supplies to St Raphael

Today St Raphael collected their supplies we reserved from the USAID delivery, including 15 boxes of Lactacted Ringer solution. The USAID supplies have now all been given out.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Notre Dame de la Merci in Robiuard

Use of World Food Program Warehouse

Juline and I had a successful meeting with the World Food Program today. We have secured some space at their Cap warehouse to help us increase our capacity to distribute cholera and general medical supplies around the North and North East. Located near to the Chilien UN helipad and logistics base, it is in a prime location to link with the UN and use of their landing spot.

We are hoping to use it as of next week. This picture shows just one of their two warehouses. They also have tents to provide further storage where necessary.

More USAID distribution

Today, Juline and I supplied Bon Samaritan of L'Acul with full cholera supplies, including 240 litres of lactated ringer solution.

Hannah Steadman
Cap Haitien Health Network
(509) 38922129

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Soap Pick Up From Labadi with Chilien UN support

Today I successfully collected the next batch of Clean The World soap from Labadee and brought it to our in-town warehouse. It was the first time we have used the UN for transportation, and it was a very smooth and hassle-free collection. The UN not only provided us with the truck and driver, but enough staff to allow the pick up of soap to be timely and efficient. The security of using the UN also meant villagers of the passing communities didn't try to theive boxes from the open trailor, which they have attempted to do in the past.

Hannah Steadman
Cap Haitien Health Network
(509) 38922129


Distribution of desperately needed cholera supplies

The team was successful in distributing over half of the USAID supplies sent in yesterday by UN helicopter. Not only that but the news of available supplies published on our yahoo group site meant 5 more unsupported health facilities have been brought to light. One case is of Benifaisance Hospital, Ranquitte, in the North Dept, who are treating up to 45 new cholera patients a day, with only 2 nurses and 3 other support staff. They have not received any NGO support in the 9 weeks they have been receiving cholera patients. Today we were able to provide them with 1200 litres of Lactated Ringer IV fluid and many more relevant supplies.

We hope to distribute the majority of the remaining supplies tomorrow, before the inevitable riots start again on Sunday or Monday.

Hannah Steadman
Cap Haitien Health Network
(509) 38922129


Thursday, December 16, 2010

USAID Supplies arrived and ready for collection

Today Juline and I faced the logistical challenge of obtaining the eagerly awaited USAID Cholera supplies. The helicopter landed this afternoon filled with lactated ringer solution, IV sets, ORS, Antibiotics and gloves - much needed by many facilites throughout the region.

It took all afternoon to get the supplies safely to storage, to stock check and inform the relevant clinic leads, but it is now ready for distribution. The vast majority of supplies will be collected tomorrow morning by 12 different clinics from around the North and North-East Departments; all listed as requiring further support with cholera supplies.

Hannah Steadman
Cap Haitien Health Network and MSF
(509) 38922129


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Five clinics provided with cholera and water treatment supplies

This afternoon we provided five clinics with cholera supplies and other supplies from our stock. St. Suzanne’s Clinic , St. Elizabeth’s Clinic, Caracol, Borgne Health Centre, St. Lutheran Clinic, Madaline and Port Margot: all received chlorox and aquatabs. Those which are CTU/Cs also received IVs and IV fluids and we also provided some non-cholera related clinical items to all the clinics.


Disabilities in Shada

Disabilities in Shada

Juline and I did a follow up visit in Shada today with regards to two of the initial patient visits. The first lady, with weakness down one side said she had been feeling worse since the cold weather has started and spends a lot of her time in bed.

I encouraged her to continue with the stretches and to move around regularly to prevent worsening symptoms. On discussion on what she enjoys/needs to be doing on our last visit, it transpired that she is very keen to be able to start sewing again. She struggles mainly because her arm shakes when she uses it which makes her lose control and co-ordination. Today we looked into this: by sitting at her table, with her arm supported on a pillow she was able to use it well enough to sew a straight line along two pieces of fabric. Her end goal is to be able to sew some clothes to sell, therefore on our next visit we will look at ways we can make tracing a design onto fabric easier for her.

The second lady we saw was the lady who has lost the use of her legs and has spent the last 7 years on the floor. It was wonderful to see the change in her today. Firstly, her bed room is now fully set up to optimise her function: it is at the right height for her to be able to stand up from, but without getting wet from flooding. Not only has she been practising standing up and sitting down, but she also been walking with the frame we gave her on the last visit. She can now safely walk around her room, allowing her to access the things she needs to cook, clean and wash her dishes. She still relies on neighbours to fetch water, food etc, but her quality of life is much improved.

Hannah Steadman
Cap Haitien Health Network and MSF
(509) 38922129


Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cholera Relief in Tovar/Grison-Garde

Dear All,

A very good evening to you. Hope this finds you well, thanks to God.

Well, I wanted to share those pictures with you. I was able to
serve Tovar-Grisongarde, the methodist school and the orphanage again
today. I gave soap, clorox and Aquatabs to everyone there for cholera

Thanks again for your help! We don't know what we would do without
your help! It means a lot to us!

Blessings to all involved!

Eugene Maklin MD


Monday, December 13, 2010

16 pictures for you--- Cholera relief in Nativity Village

Dear All,

Greetings from Cap-Haitian. I pray this finds you well, thanks to God.

I wanted to share those pictures with you. I was able to distribute
soap, Clorox, and Aquatabs to the people living at Nativity Village
today. You may know that it is one of the poor areas in Cap. That
means it is a vulnerable area for cholera.

My deepest thanks to you for your efforts for my country! Your help
means a lot to us! You are a blessing!

In His Name,

Eugene Maklin MD



Monday, December 6, 2010

Distribution of supplies

Hannah and I went to Labadee to pick up some supplies, we load up the truck and took them to the warehouse.

This week we have the person that is in charge of the clinics to come and pick up some supplies they will need. For example father Medenel of St.Suzanne came and pick some supplies, the pastor Etienne of Danda clinic pick up some supplies too.

The ECH church came and pick up there soaps that Clean the world had given us to the clinics. We have given soaps to the clinics that's in our network list.

Dr.Eugene and I cleaned up the warehouse by organizing the boxes that belong to the clinics and hospital. We are going to contact some of the hospitals to come pick up some supplies.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Purchasing Aquatabs and Bleach

Dear All,

Good evening to you. Hope this finds you well, thanks to God.

I wanted to share those pictures with you. I got chance to pick up
the money from Western Union office this morning. I paid $ 1100 US for
a case of Aquatabs, 70 cases of bleach($ 80 HT per case) and I paid
for transportation. I have the receipts for you. I will see if I can
scan them to you tomorrow. I put all the stuffs at Luckner's
Warehouse. Greg and Hannah can also use them to share to the

My deepest thanks to Haiti Help Med members for helping us fight
the cholera!!!