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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meeting With Microcredit ladies of Shada -- July 28, 2010

There are eight hard working women in the microcredit program. The ladies travel to the DR to purchase things to resell, they use the benefit money to repay the loans and to send their children to school, pay rent, and to feed their family. The ladies have some difficulties with the money because its too small, with the amount of money that was given to the ladies they use half to pay transportation and the other half to purchase the things. Due to the fact of the money being low they can only purchase little things like salt, onions, and potatoes.  The lady's dreams are to purchase more things then what they already have, for example shoes, cloths, bed sheet ect.. Sometimes the ladies go weeks without selling their items that they purchase because the people don’t buy them. The ladies are asking to add a little bit more on their money. The ladies want to thank everyone that help them be a part of the program.





Sunday, July 18, 2010

We got it figured out!

We found a repository on Wordpress of some lost posts by the Team and have posted them as you can see. 

Ralph writes:

"That is the best news I have heard all years, the countless days we have been spending , trying to get this right not to mention consulting every computer specialist that we ever lay eyes on, it was all worth it, be ready to get more blogs than you can ever imagine." 

Get ready, here they come....   TK

Day 1 at St-Anthony Clinic (Food for the Poor, Inc)

On monday we visited the clinic at Nativity village that Food for the Poor bulit in Cap-Haitian. After sitting down talking to the doctor we learned that the clinic need meds. The pharmcy doesn't even have more then 50 meds for the people, so when the people of the community come for a check up the doctor has to send them to go outside of the village to buy them.  But the the people don't even have money to buy the meds.

[caption id="attachment_50" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Dr. Eugene consults with a patient"][/caption]

Meeting with Konbit Sante at Justinien Hospital

On Tuesday, July 17, we met with  Jose Raymond who is the administrator and Jimmy Belliard who is the supply chain coordinator for konbit sante. and throughout our meeting we came to the conclusion what konbit sante primary goals are,which is to help provide the  necessary resources that the Justinien doesn't have,and they would pretty much like the support of the ground team of Cap Health Network.  In doing so we have to cooporate with one another, to see if we can meet up with the Hospital needs, as far as medical supply or equipment they would want or need.

[caption id="attachment_47" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Team with some of the staff and visiting students of Konbit Sante"][/caption]

0n behalf of the ground team of Cap Health network     (509) 3759-1511  or (509)3441-1546           (509)38 16 -44 49

Shada Community Clinic

Wednesday I went to the clinic in Shada. I have spoken to the doctor, Dr. Jeanty.  We found out the name of the man with the beard who has been volunteering to organize the dossiers; his name is Michel Miguel-Ange.

[caption id="attachment_43" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="Dr. Jeanty seeing a patient"][/caption]

The doctor has seen 47 people today but she is receiving 150 people, but because there's no more meds left she had to see 47 people.
There is only one doctor working at the clinic, the doctor said if one more doctor was here at the clinic they could of work together and they would of see more then 150 people and the clinic would of open two days a week. I have met this woman in the clinic her child has been sick ever since Sunday but she has to wait until the clinic to open, which is on wednesdays because she didn't have any money to go to a other clinic.
The children's common sicknesses are:
Worms because of the water they drink and play in the dirt and we all know shada is not a clean area.
Malnourishment because there parents can not afford milk for the baby and they feed their children anything they can find.
The adult common sicknesses are:
Vaginal infection because of the water the use to take a bath, the people mostly buy water but for those who can not afford to buy the water they use water from a well and that leads to infections.
The doctor has asked us if we can help get a lab room because she need to do some lab work for the people to know what type of sickness they have for her to give them meds. She used to send them to another clinic that has a lab room but the people don't go because the cost for an exam is too high.  The doctor said its really important  to have a lab room to do the exams.
The clinic is too small for them.  Mdm Bwa was telling us they found two rooms next to the clinic but it cost to much for them to buy it. Mme Bwa wanted us to help her buy that two room which cost $4,440 us.
Mme Bwa have given me a list of meds she needs for the clinic.

Juline Mauricette, Team Member and Shada clinic liason

Cap Haitien Health Network Support Team

Team is Out There...

While they are still figuring out how to tap into the blog, our new Network Support Team has been getting around to our members and community.  After orienting with myself and Dr. Eugene, they have been to clinics at Nativity Village, Shada, OMS, Tovar, For Haiti with Love burn clinic, and the following hospitals:  Justinien, Haiti Hospital Appeal/CBH, the new site at Labruyere, and St. Francois de Sales.  They have met with Dr. Jasmin at his office, Konbit Sante, and AIDG. 

[caption id="attachment_37" align="alignleft" width="150" caption="With some of the staff and interns at Konbit Sante"][/caption]


[caption id="attachment_39" align="alignright" width="150" caption="with staff of For Haiti With Love burn clinic"][/caption]

This week, they will be spending some of their time with The Haiti Mission team which is doing clinics this week, and helping to try to place the Network's first biodigester at Dr. Ford's orphanage, and later in the week with Tom Larkin of Haiti Marycare, who is coming to work on receipt of a container.  They will be working in coming weeks with introducing solar cookers to the food vendors of New Hope for Haiti and checking on the solar lights that have been distributed at Nativity Village.  Ralph will hopefully get a chance to visit Dr. Woodard's new project in Gonaives.  The Team will be helping to spread the word of, and submit cases for, our new telemedicine service with the Swinsen Charitable Trust (see the links section of our Yahoo group website for more info). 

In August, we hope to be receiving 2 interns from the US on their first visits to Haiti and the Team will get to participate in an important gathering organized by Ilio Durandis and Haiti2015.  At the end of that month, we hope to get a chance for the Team to work with the special vasectomy mission team from NSVI that is coming to Cange, Ounaminthe, and, we hope, Cap Haitien.

The Team is also hoping to receive it's vehicle as soon as this week (and get hopefully not too much valuable experience dealing with customs on its release!)

I am looking forward to everyone having the chance to share in the Team's experiences in as close to real time as possible, when each member finally is able to "break in" to this blog!

Any members of the Network who want to contact the Team can call them at 3441-1546 or email Ralph (western region liason) at, Juline (eastern region liason) at, or our intern, Joseph, at

Have a great week, Ted

Ted Kaplan, MD for the Cap Haitien Health Network

Monday, July 5, 2010

Team launched, blog launched, here we go!

Welcome to the Team blog of the Cap Haitien Health Network's new Network Support Team.  Here, our Team members, Juline and Ralph, and intern, Joseph, will be able to share there experiences visiting with, learning from, and assisting our members and member organizations.  This is also a great way for our members and anyone interested to learn what is going on in the Network and with its organizations, and how they might help us in our mission to improve health and healthcare for the people of northern Haiti.   Ted Kaplan, MD  for the Cap Haitien Health Network